Date: March 30, 2016
Time: 7:00 – 9:00pm
LocationThe Network Hub, 422 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC
Coffee and tea provided.

All are welcome. Cost is $5 to help us with the rent of the meeting space. Please RSVP HERE

I am participating in a four-part series of the Meeting of the Minds on the topic of morality by addressing the question “Where does morality come from?” Organized by the Company of Disciples, I will present my neuroscience perspectives on morality along with Dr. Scott Anderson, Professor of Philosophy at UBC. Pat O’Brien from the Centre for Inquiry Canada will provide an atheist response and Jonathan Chan will provide a Christian response. We will then conclude with group discussions and an open mic Q&A.

“Morality seems to me to be a natural phenomenon – constrained by the forces of natural selection, rooted in neurobiology, shaped by the local ecology, and modified by cultural developments.” – Patricia Churchland in Braintrust: What Neuroscience Tells Us About Morality.

A Sample of Questions to be Discussed
Is morality a natural and neurobiological phenomenon? Is morality merely an aesthetic agreed upon by communities of its time and thereby evolves over time? Or, does morality come from above and is unchanging; given by a divine higher power i.e. god, gods or God? If it is from God, why are there variations of interpretations? Why do Christian communities differ in what is moral if indeed morality comes from one God? What do experts from other faculties have to say about where morality comes from?

Deepen Our Consciousness of Our Morality
We cannot avoid morality. Our lives and our interactions with humanity around us are guided by our own moral compass. Our day to day routines involve moral decisions. Some decisions are obvious for us to determine what is right and wrong, yet all of us have also encountered decisions that both choices may be right or that we felt that we were justified to make moral compromises.
During the remaining four months of Meeting of the Minds before we break for the summer, we will be focusing our attention on morality. Our goal is to not only enrich our understanding but develop a deeper consciousness of our own morality in our lives as we dialogue with one another and engage with experts from different faculties of academia.

Join our panel discussion! Everyone is invited. We welcome your beliefs and opinions; they will be heard!


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